Deity: St. Cuthbert

Gh deity st cuthbert
Origin of Worship: Unknown
Core Worshippers: Humans
Common Worshippers: Others
Uncommon Worshippers: Others
Gender: Male
Rank: Lesser deity
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Common Sense, Wisdom, Zeal, Honesty, Truth, Discipline
Titles: of the Cudgel
Holy Symbol: A starburst of rubies, a wooden billet, or a crumpled hat
Power Skills: War, Warding

St . Cuthbert (CUTH-bert) may have once been a mortal man as his worshipers claim, but if so, it was long ago and from an unknown people. His three prominent symbols are a starburst of rubies, a wooden billet, or a crumpled hat. While he takes many forms (including that of a common yokel or white-haired mustached man in plate mail), he usually is depicted with a bronzewood cudgel. He has a great rivalry with Pholtus, but is friendly with most of the other deities that seek to uphold the law of the land.

“The word of the Cudgel is law, and the word must be spread so that all may benefit from his wisdom. Weakness in faith and acting against the Saints teachings are intolerable. Unceasing effort should be made to bring unbelievers into the fold. Honesty, truthfulness, practicality, and reasonability are the highest virtues.”

St. Cuthbert’s clergy consists of three divisions that have different purposes. The Chapeaux seeks to convert people to the faith. This is done primarily through proselytizing, but the Chapeaux are trained to convert with the switch as well as with the carrot. The Chapeaux wear traditional crumpled hats.

The Stars exist to retain doctrinal purity among the faith. These are the intellectuals and philosophers who work through apparent inconsistencies in the scriptures of Cuthbert, plan the sermons, and judge whether or not actions adhere to the doctrine. The Stars wear a starburst insignia of copper, gold, or platinum,

Finally, there are the Billets, who minister to and protect the faithful Clerics of the Cudgel. They are stern folk who speak their minds plainly. They do not suffer fools and discipline those who backslide in faith. Part of the training regiment for minor clerics involves beating them for offenses that violate the teachings of St. Cuthbert. The Billets train in the arts of war and keep themselves physically fit. The Billets wear an oaken or bronzewood billet symbol.

St. Cuthbert teaches new clerics with specially recruited mentors that have drill-sergeant attitudes and stem demeanors. Day and night his acolytes pray, train, and fight, until they can recite entire books of St. Cuthbert’s scripture from memory. Pain is also a great motivator during these early times. Like Heironeous, St. Cuthbert urges his followers to undertake quests that uphold the chivalric ideal. But more of the Cudgel’s quests involve righting a wrong or avenging a fallen hero.

Solid, imposing buildings are favored by the architects of St. Cuthbert’s temples. Many feature engraved quotations such as “Chaos and evil prevail where good folk do nothing” or "obstinacy brings lumps to the heads of the unfaithful’ The clergy there offer healing and protective magic, but they’re careful to make sure that those they help are worthy of St . Cuthbert’s favor. All of St. Cuthbert’s ceremonies include a brief but fiery sermon from a member of the clergy, who exhorts the listeners to turn from their chaotic ways and adhere more closely to the laws of St. Cuthbert.

The Churches of St. Cuthbert supplement the tithes they receive from local worshipers by acting as primitive banks in which people can deposit or keep money. The Church issues a promissory note at the cost of 1% of the total funds deposited, which can then be redeemed at any Church. The Church also encourages people to travel to holy sites throughout the land on pilgrimages dedicated to St. Cuthbert.


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